8 Local SEO Tips to Rank Website on Google for Multiple Locations

8 Local SEO Tips to Rank Website on Google for Multiple Locations

Want to have your business ranked on local search? Local SEO is a key to attracting local customers irrespective of the service or product a company offers. It optimizes your business for related local search and improves online presence, especially for your local audience.  

Did you know that about half of Google searches are related to local queries? People prefer to search for products or services near them, which is why “near me” searches are increasing rapidly. And, to have your business benefit from such local searches, it is essential to perform local SEO Tips to optimization in the right manner.  

Winning the local market is key for businesses of all sizes. Learning the tips and tricks in optimizing the website for local searchers can help to stand out from the competition. In this blog, let us look at Local SEO, its importance, and the Local SEO Tips to rank websites on Google for multiple cities and keywords. 

What is Local SEO? 

Local SEO is a strategy of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help businesses gain more visibility in their local search results. It is implemented by optimizing a page for a specific local area and helps Google to know that your business is located in the specified area. By having a website optimized for local search, you can see your website appear more often on the relevant queries and serve the people living in your served location. 

Importance of Local SEO for Businesses 

By practicing SEO, we can optimize websites, and increase visibility and rankings on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). While this practice boosts businesses to rank, Local SEO helps in targeting a specified audience in a particular geographical location and assures several benefits too. 

  • Helps to connect with local people  
  • Attracts and increases the scope of business 
  • Enhances rank higher on Google 
  • Increases traffic from users in the area  
  • Encourages local advertising & more 

8 Local SEO Tips to Rank Website on Google Local Search – with Physical Address 

Google My Business is a great platform to improve the Local SEO of businesses having multiple physical locations. This powerful business listing site helps in highlighting a business’s best features and gives an opportunity for your customers to know and engage with you. It has impressive features and one can get the full advantage of these only when used completely.  

Below are a few tips to help you in utilizing Google My Business (GMB): 

  1. Create Google My Business Account: The importance of GMB is increasing rapidly. It’s essential to use your regular Gmail account that is utilized for business to sign in. With this account, you can use the features that are available on Google My Business.
  2. Optimize Contact Information: Be meticulous while updating your contact information. The business name and address have to be used correctly and it should be the same in other listings on the web. Mismatches or Inconsistencies can make your business considered spam and may penalize you.
  3. Update every Section: Have your GMB filled in completely with relevant information as it can promote higher rankings and increase user engagement.
  4. Write a Description: Ensure to have an informative description that emphasizes more about your business. The content has to help customers know who you are, and why you are the best among other competitors. Avoid using repeated content, links & HTML in this section.
  5. Choose a GMB Category: Optimize your Google business profile by choosing a category. A relevant GMB category can help you to be found in discovery searches and makes you available for category-specific features offered by Google. Thus, ensure to be specific and if falling into multiple categories, choose additional categories that can be applied.
  6. Upload Business Photos: Make your business profile the best by adding quality photos. This will not only enhance your online presence but also positively impacts on rankings, increases engagement, and shows you the results of local image searches.
  7. Selection of Attributes: Once you are done with Category selection, you will be provided with a list of attributes. For example, if you have a business related to restaurants, then you need to choose attributes like Dine-in, Delivery, Takeout, etc. These can be special features and help your potential customers to know your business.
  8. Encourage Google Reviews: Reviews are the best influencers for encouraging consumer buying. Also, these are the ranking factors in Google Algorithm. So, start approaching your customers to get star ratings and reviews. Also, do remember to respond to their reviews. 

4 Local SEO Tips to Rank Website on Google Local Search – Without Physical Address  

Local SEO is not limited to businesses with physical addresses. Businesses without physical addresses can also get listed in local searches and one of the best ways is by Implementing Multiple City Pages.

  1. List the City Pages: Remember that city pages should not be developed more than 15. So, as an initial step analyze which cities are important for your business. Then, start developing the multiple city pages and content respectively.
  2. Optimize for Location-specific Keywords: Perform local keyword research for identifying keyword ideas that can give you a higher chance of visibility in a specific local search. Establish an SEO strategy with those set of location-specific keywords such as Primary Keyword + Location + Brand Name. Ensure that the keywords complement and enhance the content.
  3. Create Location-Specific Content: To rank on top of each of your specified locations, it is essential to have web pages that are particularly optimized for the location. While developing the webpage content, ensure to have unique content that fulfills the needs of your potential customers. On these location-wise pages, you can also include testimonials/product reviews, optimize on-page elements, add photos, maps, videos, etc.
  4. Say NO to Keyword Stuffing: Avoid stuffing keywords for your local page content. When having a page content full of keywords, it will seem unrealistic for your users and it will go against Google’s Quality Guidelines. To stay in the long run, avoid stuffing keywords in your content.  

Want to be on the top of local search results? 

To stay dominant in your local search results, it is essential to understand your key audience, and then build brand awareness on local business search rankings with potential keywords.  

Kleza focuses on the latest local SEO tips and has been helping clients to succeed at local SEO. Our forward-thinking practices help to stay successful, encourage building reputation and website authority. If you are also seeking long-term success, do reach us! 

Our experience will not only help you to rank faster but also help in reap the benefits of Local SEO! 

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