Website Redesign Strategy Checklist and Tips to Follow

Website Redesign Strategy Checklist and Tips to Follow

Is your website promoting everything about your business? Websites are often the first impression of any brand and they should be able to convert users into customers.  

In today’s world where everyone finds information online, a website is like a minimum identity. A website that provides a good user experience gives confidence to the customers.  

Similar to how we validate or update our business plans regularly, we need to measure our website’s performance and if needed, should make necessary changes. A website should be able to give a clear idea of who you are, the purpose of your business, and what customers can get from your business. If the website is failing to meet this major purpose, it is time to redesign the website.  

Kleza has been helping several brands in bringing value to their websites. Based on our experience and proficiency, we have listed the website redesigning checklist and tips to follow. 

What is Website Redesigning? 

A website redesign is a process of revamping the website with updates focusing on content, format, structure, and website navigation for better performance and user engagement. There are several reasons why companies opt for website redesigning. Some of the major reasons include –  

  • Site rebranding 
  • Lead generation
  • Improved user experience  
  • Optimization for Mobile users
  • SEO and site performance, etc. 

To make an existing website more powerful, it is necessary to have proper planning and a checklist that guides. Below is the Website Redesign Checklist which can help in simplifying your website redesigning process.  

Website Redesign Checklist

Website Redesign Strategy Checklist

Research Phase 

  • Perform a thorough Audit: Audit, review, and understand your current website. Check your user trends and mark the pages that are performing and not performing. This helps in understanding the weak points, allows you to keep the performing pages intact, and redesign the pages that are failing to generate traffic.
  • Analyze your Competitors: This can be one of the most beneficial steps for your redesigning process. Competitor analysis helps to examine the competitors’ features, marketing, weaknesses, strengths, market share, etc. This comparison can determine where you are standing in the competition and what you need to do to stay ahead. 
  • Understand your Customers: You should design a website that has to meet the customer’s needs. Try to figure out what your customer is expecting and develop a website that is appealing and creates a connection with your users.  

Planning Phase 

  • Set Goals: In this step, you have to set up goals that can help you think smartly. Your goals are your plan of action for further steps. So, try to consider every possible parameter that you are aiming to enhance on your new website such as bounce rate, domain authority, time on site, number of sales, etc. 
  • Match your website with the brand: If you haven’t changed the look and feel of your website for a while, then this can be the best time to update. Refer to the latest web design trends and start reworking elements such as brand colors, fonts, logos, etc., to match your brand identity.
  • Content & SEO: Analyze the existing content and do a complete audit to understand what has to be improved. Then, develop strong engaging content with performing keywords. This can help in increasing your SEO rankings, webpage positioning on Google, etc.
  • Set a Realistic Timeline: Now that you have an idea of what has to be enhanced for your new website, set a schedule that should be realistic. Also, before moving ahead with the redesign, make sure to back up the old site, content, and images.  

Development Phase  

  • Check Site Accessibility: In this step, you need to validate the user experience being offered. Ensure that your site is easy to navigate, accessible, and has elements that can contribute to your site’s success.
  • Mobile Optimization: Your new website has to offer the same experience irrespective of the platform being chosen. Many customers prefer to land on your website through mobiles. Therefore, consider optimizing your website for mobile.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing: This is an essential step because it helps to verify if the website redesign is working as intended. This testing mainly focuses on accessibility, performance, and functionality. By performing cross-browser testing, you can ensure that the website redesigned has the ability to work well on various browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.
  • 301 Redirects: If you haven’t updated older pages that aren’t adding value to your website, have them removed or redirected to 301. A 301 redirect is a Permanently Moved status code and it ensures that crawlers & visitors access the pages that are forwarded to the existing content. This is an important step for not losing rankings and traffic. 

Going Live 

  • Go Live: Your new website is now ready to be published. Go live, have maintenance ongoing and do check the performance regularly. Also, make the needful improvements whenever needed for your customer’s best experience.  

Website Redesigning Tips 

Below are a few tips to make your website redesign process easier and more beneficial. 

  • Make your entire website optimized for SEO 
  • Add a blog if you haven’t had one before to enhance content marketing 
  • Create new landing pages that are focused on converting leads 
  • Have your website personalized according to your brand 
  • Make sure to add elements and features that are attractive 
  • Use contrasting colors for highlighting the key areas of your website 
  • Cross-check the responsiveness of your page and have them optimized for mobile devices 
  • Never ignore technical aspects such as page speed, loading time, SEO, and content 

Planning to get your website revamped?  

The process of website redesigning can be intimidating, but when you choose services from Kleza, you will have a website that meets your business goals. Our creative and professional approaches help you to seek quality results within strict timelines.  

Kleza has helped several enterprises in revamping their website. When looking for services to develop or redesign websites for SEO, performance, user experience, content, and for the latest trends, partner with Kleza today! 

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